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About Us

Our food resonates with the beauty of our culture. Here at MahaBelly, our goal is to bring the original recipes of our past and present here and introduce you to the delightful cuisines of Kerala. We strive to keep the authenticity of our line of delicacies and assure you of a delicious and pleasant experience when you dine with us. The combinations of exotic, mouth-watering spices and unique dishes will leave you wanting more and a true fan of the traditions. So, come visit us for the ultimate ‘Malabari’ experience.

Vision and Mission

“ Every dish can only be as good as the chef who prepares it ”
Our chefs, who specialise in the art of cooking the classical flavours of our God’s Own Country, are eager to blow your minds away with the exquisite God’s Own recipes. We go to great lengths to meet your standards and deliver on your expectations of having an amazing and flavoursome time with us because we treat every one of our customers like a close family visiting our homes. And we have a saying here which we are accustomed to; let us treat our guests as if they are divine.


Our aim is to introduce the culture and varieties of Kerala’s exotic flavours to the people of Sweden. Here at Mahabelly, we make sure that every customer who walks into our restaurant will receive the very best service possible.

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