Kerala is well-known for a number of its cultural and geographical qualities that are exceptional.Natural wonders and age-old traditions that have been passed down through the generations attract visitors from all over the world. Due to its diverse population and unique culture and traditions, Kerala has become a top tourist destination, earning it a spot on National Geographic Traveler’s list of the top ten paradises in the world.

“ Kerala is a slice of heaven on earth because God was so pleased with his creation ”

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Kerala Cuisine

Authentic Kerala cuisine is available here in every form imaginable. Both vegetarians and non – vegetarians will find something to their liking in the menu options here. Immerse yourself on a delicious adventure through time as you savour the flavours of our history and our future. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Village Life

People spend their time in harmony with nature, living a modest life that does not degrade their environment. Here, ancient land knowledge is preserved and passed down from generation to generation. The very soul foundations of Kerala were formed in these villages and all the great things about it also emerged from here.

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a picture of Kerala's festive elephant walking around with happy humans


Our celebrations honour the traditions that our forefathers passed down to us. Whether it’s Onam, Eid, or Christmas, Kerala celebrates in unison to bring the entire coastal state to life. In the God’s Own Country, you witness spectacles like no other, where elephants are paraded through villages as a custom and rivers rush with huge 100-foot-long boats racing. The entire state joins in the festivities, which see the landscape lit up and decorated with all kinds of festive decorations. excepturi. Et omnis ipsam non reiciendis maiores est voluptas esse et molestias galisum.A sint internos et sunt accusamus id velit aliquam non repudiandae tempore id aperiam voluptatem sed illo placeat At officiis .


Over the past millennium, the state of Kerala has been home to a dizzying array of artistic endeavours. The coasts of our continent have witnessed their development and growth through the ages. As there are different types of artforms, they are mainly categorised as ritual, performing, folk and martial art forms.

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